Thomas Reiter, fomer astronaut and ESA coordinator
Rob Baan, founder of Koppert Cress in his greenhouse in Monster, The Netherlands
Benjamin Vidmar, chef and owner of Arctic Permaculture in Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Serhard Sarikaya, politician (SPD) in Sundern, Germany for Stern Magazin
Ralph Brodel, former mayor of Sundern, Germany for Stern Magazin
Heinrich Thiermann, asparagus farmer for Der Spiegel
Fabian Hambüchen, former gymnast and winner of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 for Literarischer Salon
Miriam Maertens and Wolfram Koch, actors for Staatstheater Hannover
Alessio, deposit bottle collector
Danger Dan, Musician
Rike Benz, marine researcher
Chrystal Chau, indoor farmer
Rainer Altmüller, environmentalist and expert for freshwater pearl mussel for Geo Magazine
Alba Filella Lopez de Lamadrid, marine researcher
Olivia Choong, blogger and influencer
Insa Rapp, marine researcher
Ralf Schmidt, captain of the RV Maria S. Merian